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Ralph Gamberdella

Loan Officer OH MLO# 058238.000 / NMLS# 1508312ralph.gamberdella@summitfunding.net
Cell Phone: 937-271-5652 Work Fax: 937-505-8230 Work Phone: (937) 732-6380 Website: summitfunding.net/rgamberdella


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Ralph comes to WCC with over 30 years experience in Business, Financial Services, and Leadership.

With an entrepreneurial back round he’s excited to be heading up our expansion East to Ohio. He says,

“We love the element of helping people accomplish their goals and dreams. That not only speaks to those buying the home of their choice, but also creating a workplace environment for both Loan Officers and other Personnel to thrive and grow both professionally and personally.”

Q: Why WCC, a CA Corp vs any local lender in Ohio?

A: Honesty, Integrity, and Character are at the forefront making any decisions for us. We do our best to live that way, so we try to surround ourselves with like-minded people. WCC President Ed Hoffman and his wife Dawn have been friends of ours 40 years. We’ve watched them build a business with those same principles both towards Clients and Team Members and the Team in turn operates the same way.

While training for a month we observed the Team work hard for the clients to get the absolute best choice available on every loan whether they had a high or lower credit score. In a few cases they’d been turned down by other lenders. That gives us the confidence being two thousand miles away we have a Team both front and back of the house to get the job done and get it done right ! That’s why when I see the WCC logo not only does it stand for our company name but for me it says, “We’re Client CentrIc”.

Ralph has been married for nearly 30 years and has three adult children already on their career paths. When he is not helping clients he spends his time with family, friends, and another personal passion, helping Ministry Partners. He’s also lost in the 80’s and loves Classic Rock music !


OH MLO #058238.000

NMLS #1508312